Petite côte

petite coteIn Senegal, sea-bathing is very pleasant from a few tens of kilometres south of Dakar, all the way to the Saloum Delta. That is what is known as the small coast “la petite cote”, with its numerous hotels and resorts in Popenguine, la Somone, Saly, Nianing... Emerald sea stretching over 120 kms of filao and palm trees bordered beaches. La Petite Côte is the most Catholic region of Senegal, with a good number of churches, chapels and missions. M’bour, the capital, 80 kilometres south of Dakar, is a fishing port of 4,000 inhabitants quite influenced by tourism, but also attracts large-scale fishing. Its waters abound with sword-fish, marlins, tuna, and barracuda, according to the seasons. To the north of Saly, the touristic village of Somone is highly appreciated for its magnificent long lining of palm-trees, coconut trees and its ornithological reserve where herons, small eagles and pelicans come to nest...Tourism, well integrated as it is , has not disturbed this authentic Lebou fishing village.


girafe Created in 1990 and located at 18 kilometres from M’bour, Bandia is the first private animal reserve in Senegal. Stretching over 1000 Acres and a 3 kilometres trail, this animal reserve, with its high herbs and trees such as baobabs, caicedrat, eucalyptus, acacias, is home to many animals: antelopes , gazelles, Oryx, Derby (species), Buffoon cubs , impalas, onyx , Derby springs, buffoon cobs, ostriches, giraffes, wild hogs, Asian buffalos, crocodiles, rhinos, monkeys...and more than 120 species of birds, herons, francolins, hornbills, eagles, vultures...This excursion is offered departing from your hotel, The Royal Saly.