Sine - Saloum

saloumThe Sine and Saloum River estuaries, to the north of The Gambia, is a labyrinth of more tan than 200 islands covered with mangroves, palm-trees, baobabs, wet-lands, forming an innumerable network of small rivers called“bolongs”, themselves formed by a mixture of fresh and salt waters . 334,000 ha. of the Saloum Delta were classified since 1981 as part of the World Biospheric Reserve. The National park of the Saloum Delta was created in 1976. It is the second largest in Senegal, and covers an area of 76,000 ha. In 1984, it was classified as a humid zone of international significance ( Ramsar site) , inhabited by more than 250 species of birds, pelicans, herons, egrets, the mocking seagull, the royal and Caspian tern....... As well as wild hogs, hyenas, green monkeys, patas, manatees, dolphins and turtles......The best way to visit the Saloum islands and to observe the birds is by far the canoe excursion. Trips are organised departing from the Pelican du Saloum hotel..