Travel to Senegal

Senegal, in full: The Republic of Senegal, is a West African country belonging to sub-Saharan Africa. It is bordered to the west by the Atlantic ocean, to the north by Mauritania, to the east by Mali and to the south by Guinea and Guinea-Bissau. The Gambia forms a quasi-enclave within Senegal which it penetrates to a distance of 300 kilometres inland. The Cape-Verde Islands are located at 560 kilometres off the coast of Senegal. The country derives its name from the river which borders it, to the east and south. The Senegal River takes its source from the Fouta Jallon in Guinea. Climate in Senegal is tropical and dry, with two seasons: the dry season and the rainy season. During the colonial period, several trading counters belonging to different colonial empires were established along the coast. The city of Saint-Louis became the capital of French West Africa, then it was shifted to the city of Dakar in 1902, which will finally be erected as the capital of the Senegalese Republic at the time of independence in 1960. The country is a member of ECOWAS. Since the year 2000, Mr Abdoulaye Wade is the president of Senegal. Apart from being perfectly intergraded with the international community, Senegal is also a Member State of The African Union (AU) and of the Community of Sahel-Saharan States.